<div class="fs-review-summary"><div class="fs-rating-summary"><span class="fs-rating-component">Rated&nbsp;</span><div class='fs-rating-component fs-stars rating'> <div class='value-title' title='5.0' style='width: 100%'></div> <meta itemprop="rating" content="5.0"/> </div> <span class="rating component">&nbsp;based on <span itemprop="votes" class="votes">342</span> ratings</span> </div> <div class='fs-featured-reviews'><div class='fs-featured-review fs-active'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6876'>A Better Way has always been best for my needs. Very professional staff..</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Great message by the best staff ever, Seriously!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6881'>Healing</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Through Jamie&apos;s patient hard work over this past year she has enabled me to become freer of pain and with increased motion for my shoulder. I am grateful</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6939'>Jamie is the best...</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Loved it...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6948'>Massage woth Jamie</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Always a pleasant and relaxing experience with Jamie.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6856'>Great,massage</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Great massage! Beautiful, comfortable room. Therapist is very skilled and kind.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6882'>Great Massage</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Zack did a great job. Professional and thorough. Will be back to see him.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6885'>Jamie is the best...</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I feel better each time I leave...thanks Jamie....</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6830'>Massage with skill and care</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I&apos;ve been going to Satori for some time so she knows the good, the bad and the worse of my sore points! She does a great job every time, which is why I...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6834'>Jamie is the best...</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I went in so stressed...came out so refreshed and relaxed....</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6775'>Great Massage Therapist</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I knew within the first 5 minutes, this was a great fit. Anna&apos;s style is reminiscent with the style of my previous therapist whom I had seen for over 10...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6584'>Zach</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I cant say enough good things about zach!! He has given me many a funny conversation during our sessions while giving me great techniques for my shoulder/neck...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6582'>Jamie&apos;s the best!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Jamie makes me feel 20 lbs lighter when I leave my massage! she is amazing at what she does.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6572'>Satori</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Super treatment great personality awesome job.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6549'>Shoulder injury</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Zach is amazing! Funny, caring and great LMP! Made me feel at ease. Felt the tension melt away in a shoulder that has been giving me problems since May.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6441'>A+</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Very professional and is an awesome massage therapist. Would recommend!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6522'>Stress relief</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>After several rough weeks of stress related issue, Alex was able to give me total relief of all the stress. Alex was polite and did a great job, I will...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6452'>Alex</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I feel so much better after seeing Alex. My headache is gone! Thank you!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6483'>If your looking for the best massage look no further!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I absolutely love it here! I&amp;#39;ve gone to several places to have medical massages done and none have left me feeling as good as Jamie does. She&amp;#39;s...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6426'>Anna Schemstad</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Anna Schemstad&apos;s method&apos;s, skills and professionalism rate among the best massage therapists I&apos;ve experienced. She is 5 stars all the way.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6391'>Best Massage!!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Ana is amazing and she has done some amazing work on me. I&apos;ve been to many other massage therapists in the past and she is by far the best one! Thank you...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6388'>AWESOME MASSAGE</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Just the massage I needed today. Jamie gets it right everytime!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6410'>focus of shoulder</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>My work requires focused front attention and I came to Alex. He was able to do a relaxing all over massage with a great more intentional deep work on the...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6390'>The Best!!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I was on a trip when my back that was tight and hurting for a few days became unbearable. Anna worked on my back and a full body massage, it was a lifesaver!...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6377'>Left Feeling like a Million Bucks!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>This place came highly recommended by a co-worker and it didn&apos;t disappoint. Just sitting in the waiting room you could feel the stress melting away, with...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6350'>Anna</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I feel wonderful. Anna took care of my painful neck and arms today. I think everyone that works at ABW does magic&apos;</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6217'>Fantastic!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Alex is AMAZING! I suffer chronic back pain and nothing has given me any kind of relief like the deep tissue massage from Alex. Very professional, respectful,...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6149'>Massage</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Anna has always been helpful in pushing the pain away from my back and neck. She is well trained and been exploring new methods to effectively address...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6123'>Jamie is Awesome!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Jamie is fantastic! Every time I leave after her massages I feel so relaxed and refreshed. She is great!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6131'>5 Star...</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>5 star...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6125'>Thoughtful and professional</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Satori is good at listening and translating your concerns into an effective massage.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6184'>Amazing</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Shannon is both knowledgeable of her practice and extremely personable. I highly enjoyed my first acupuncture appointment and am confident it will support...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6119'>Cethanie kaster</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Mrs Kaster was Very polite and professional She massages thoroughly , gently and knows what she&apos;s doing. She waited on me patiently and prepared. I had...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6118'>Amazing!!!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Jamie is an AMAZING massage therapist. I Highly recommend her!!! Very professional and talented.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6114'>Massage with Jamie Mulligan-Guisewitte</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Jamie is a very kind and knowledgeable masseuse. She listens and goes after the problem areas to bring relief of pain and stiffness. I am happy to be able...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6113'>Wonderful</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Shannon was great. I have had shoulder pain for years. After the first visit I could feel relief.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6105'>Massage Therapy</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Anna does a great job. She is courteous and respectful. She is a good listener and has addressed my specific needs due to autoimmune disease. She has an...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6100'>Jamie Mulligan</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have a severe muscle strain and nausea. I was up all night with severe pain &amp; throwing up due to the severity of pain. I was able to get a massage from...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6101'>Jamie Mulligan-Guisewite, LMP</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I had my first massage with Jamie yesterday. She was amazing! I can&apos;t wait to come back for more. It was a perfect mix of a relaxing massage and working...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post5993'>Cethanie&apos;s the Best!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I look forward so much to my massages with Cethanie! I feel great when I am done. She does her job very well!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6077'>5 Star...</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>5 star...I wish I could tell you what Jamie does best...but it is all so good it is hard to know...I love it...and feel 100% better when I leave....</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6016'>Continued Improvement</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Jaimie continues trying new things to improve my health, and I appreciate her so much, I&apos;m sure she can help anyone who sees her, in the stress of working...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post6097'>Relief from low back pain!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>We have been moving and my lower back was feeling the pain. Jamie has been working with/on me to make things better. Well, dreams do come true! I am feeling...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post5986'>Massage with Alex</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Very comfortable person, polite, skilled in his trade, left me feeling very relaxed and limber. Definitely knows what he&apos;s doing, and I would recommend...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post5976'>Neck and Shoulder Massage</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Cethanie did an excellent job and I really liked her.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post5974'>Wonderful!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Cethanie is absolutely wonderful! I love my massages. It is what I do for myself! She always makes me feel loose and 10 lbs. lighter when I leave!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post5968'>Injury massage</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Zach is knoeladgeble, kind and caring. He has the ability to work as gently or firmly as needed to get you feeling better.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post5959'>IVF Cycle Treatment</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I cannot say enough positive things about Shannon at A Better Way Acupuncture. Shannon worked with me through a IVF fertility cycle and I truly feel like...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post5701'>Highly Skilled and Attentive</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Sartori addressed my specific issues and I feel very confident in her skills and knowledge of medical massage.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post5703'>Just what I needed</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Jamie is so good at what she does! The best massage place in town!!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post5693'>One word...fantastic.</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I came in with excruciating low back and sciatica pain from multiple injuries. Anna was able to address those issues and help me walk, actually walk out...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post5690'>Massage</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Jamie is the best. She really cares about her patients and listens to want they have to say about what is brothering them. And address the issue.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post5669'>upper body massage</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Thank you for the therapeutic massage today. I am optimistic that these massages will eliminate my TMJ issues</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post5651'>Better Now !!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have a chronic back issue that has come and gone for years. With the help of the friendly and professional team at Better Way, the accupuncture and massage...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post4981'>Oh My Stars</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>The pain in my hands is gone even after working in the garden several hours. Thank you for being so thoughtful and professional.</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post4750'>Excellent Acupuncture</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Shannon is very skilled and compassionate and she provides highly effective and enjoyable treatments. Her touch moves the energies even before the treatment...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post4603'>Really helped my low back pain and sciatica</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Shannon has used a variety of methods to help my low back pain and sciatica. I always leave an appointment feeling better than when I arrived! Her knowledge...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post4763'>Immediate Improvement</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I was so impressed by the immediate improvement I felt after acupuncture treatment from Shannon and massage therapy from Lea last week! It was my first...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post4556'>If only I had gone sooner!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I had heel surgery to remove a spur, doc kept me in the boot a long time, when I got out of the boot is was still hurting, I couldn&apos;t even wear normal...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post4104'>Extremely Happy that I found A Better Way &amp; Acupuncture</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Shannon Freeman is wonderful. She is professional, compassionate, gentle, really listens &amp; has this 6th sense as to what I am trying to describe &amp; put...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post3868'>Jamie Mulligan is my Massage Angel!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have fairly sever scoliosis and pain management has always been a challenge, especially when I don&apos;t keep up on regular visits. Jamie has incredible...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post3874'>Shannon</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Shannon shows good knowledge of the bodies neuromuscular system, and her treatments have been very beneficial to me. At 52 years old, and with many past...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post3235'>Cethanie is the best</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I&apos;ve tried countless massage therapists in the area and Cethanie is hands down the best. I believe that massage is a &quot;dialogue&quot; between the therapist&apos;s...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post2943'>So great.</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I love getting massages from Jamie. When you go to ABW Massage, you don&apos;t just get the same cookie cutter massage that everyone else gets. They really...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post2116'>Best massage ever</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Nice strong hands, really worked thru my problem areas- I would go everyday if I could</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post2899'>Acupuncture is beyond Amazing!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>First timer to this therapy and noticed a difference in just the first visit, which was surprising! Shannon is very thorough, knowledgeable, warm, intuitive,...</p> </div> </div><a href='/reviews/?view=bare' class='fs-more-reviews'>More reviews</a></div>